Hydraulic Press For Molding

Hydraulic Press For Molding are also equipped with advance technique of adjustable air breathing system. Our range of hydraulic molding press is available with us as follows:
Hydraulic Compression Moulding Presses
Compression Moulding Presses: Compression moulding presses used for bakelite moulding, sheet moulding, thermosetting components, plastic sheets, ply boards, particle boards, rubber sheets, rubber mats including cat mats, medical parts, belts, conveyor belts, transmission belts, tyre tube & flap moulding, battery containers, oil seal compression, footwear, soul, straps, EVA sheets and switch gear.

Application: Rubber moulding, bakelite moulding, SMC (sheet moulding), blanking, coining, riveting, stamping, punching, assembling, forming and various others.

Frame structure:
Fabricated frame 'H' type (gate type), Capacity 1 ton - 5000 tons
Fabricated frame 'C' type (gate type), Capacity 2 ton - 600 tons
Pillar type (rounded & square), Presses capacity 1 ton - 1000 tons

Operation mode:
Manual operated by hand lever valves
Semi automatic by electric control panel
Fully automatic by PLC
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Our Products