Hydraulic Alligator Shearing Machine


 Hydraulic Alligator Shearing Machine

  Also known as a crocodile      shear, an   alligator shear is    a type of shearing   machine   that’s   characterized by a   hinged opening for the     cutting tool.   They are  called   “crocodile ” and   “alligator”   shears because their   hinged   opening resembles   the mouth   of these large   reptilian   animals.


 The hinged opening of alligator   shears consists of two straight parts:   The top part features the  actual     blade, whereas the bottom part   features a strong and supportive surface for the workpiece.  The   workpiece is placed directly on the bottom part. When the alligator shear is engaged, the bladed top will   drop down onto and through the underlying  workpiece.

Applications for Alligator Shears
Alligator shears are used in a wide range of cutting applications. While not ideal for large sheet metal, they are often used to cut smaller pieces of sheet metal. Other cutting applications in which alligator shears are frequently used include rebar, beams and piping.

Benefits of Alligator Shears
Because they are typically powered by a hydraulic cylinder, alligator shears are powerful and able to cut through otherwise hard materials. The use of a hydraulic cylinder essentially applies pressure that forces the alligator shear’s blade through the workpiece. Whether the workpiece is made of iron, steel, copper or other hard materials, it can probably be cut using this type of shearing machine.

Alligator shears also produce little or no waste. Like with all shearing processes, no chips are formed during this cutting process. Rather, they perform clean cuts that don’t produce chips. This makes alligator shears an efficient solution for cutting workpieces.

Although there are other processes available to cut through hard materials, many of them involve heat. Heat, of course, can change the physical properties of a workpiece. If a workpiece is exposed to heat, it may become weaker. Alligator shears don’t use heat, though, making them preferable among manufacturing companies.